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Triple-Play for NinjaTrader

The indicator is pretty straight-forward and works like virtually all other NinjaTrader indicators. Once installed, simply select it from the 'Indicators' dialog box, set the options as desired (defaults are pretty sane) and start using it. I tried to give all the options names that make sense and, if you hover over them with your mouse, I've included more detailed descriptions as appropriate. Overall, I don't think there's too much that's a mystery. However, this page will provide an overview just in case something doesn't make sense to you.

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Download Instructions

You can download the latest version of AB-TriplePlay here . Make sure you save the file somewhere you can find it easily -- your Downloads folder or your Desktop are usually the easiest places. If you wish to verify your download, the SHA-256 checksum is displayed below the download button for each release on the Downloads page.

Installation, Upgrades & Removal


  1. Open NinjaTrader and go to the main control window (the one with the main program menu) and select Tools | Import | NinjaScript Add-On... [Installation screenshot 1]

  2. Navigate and find the ZIP file you downloaded. Select it and click "Open". NinjaTrader will install the file for you.

  3. Assuming there are no errors, you should see a dialog box saying "NinjaTrader successfully imported all scripts contained in the NinjaScriptArchive File." [Installation screenshot 2]

  4. That's it, you're done!


Upgrading involves removing the previous version and then installing the new version just as you did in the initial installation.

You MUST remove the previous version or NinjaTrader will fail to perform the upgrade. If you don't remove the previous version, you will see a dialog box saying "Import failed..." [Screenshot showing upgrade error]

  1. Follow the steps in the "Uninstallation" section below to remove the current (old) version.

  2. Now, follow the steps in the "Installation" section above to install the newest version. Just make sure you choose the newest ZIP (it will have the highest version number) and that will do the "upgrade" for you. Upgrading really is just installing the latest version. Your existing templates will be unaffected and will be automatically reapplied after the upgrade.


It is recommended you remove any custom indicators from within NinjaTrader instead of deleting the file manually (though I've never experienced any problems manually deleting files). We will go through the recommended procedure here.

for packaged DLL versions (v2.0 and later)

  1. On the main NinjaTrader Control Center window (the one with the main program menu), select Tools | Remove NinjaScript Assembly [DLL uninstallation screenshot 1]

  2. A new window will appear asking you to select which assembly you want to remove. Select ABTriplePlay_version (where '_version' is the currently installed version number) and click "Remove". [DLL uninstallation screenshot 2]

  3. NinjaTrader will display a confirmation dialog box asking if you're sure. You are. Say Yes.

  4. Assuming no errors, you will get a success message. Click OK to close the dialog box. [DLL uninstallation screenshot 3]

  5. Click CLOSE on the "Remove NinjaScript Assembly" dialog box to close it. [DLL uninstallation screenshot 4]

  6. AB-TriplePlay is now uninstalled. If you removed the indicator as part of the upgrade process, please follow the "Installation" section above to complete the upgrade.

for packaged script file version (v1.0)

  1. On the main NinjaTrader Control Center window (the one with the main program menu), select New | NinjaScript Editor [Uninstall screenshot 1]

  2. On the right-side of the NinjaScript Editor window you will see a panel called NinjaScript Explorer. In that panel, you will see a list of folders. If you don't see a tree display but instead see a vertical tab labelled NinjaScript Explorer, click it to expand the panel. [Uninstall screenshot 2]

  3. In the NinjaScript Explorer panel, double-click on the Indicators folder to expand it, if necessary, and find the ABTriplePlay folder. Double-click to expand this folder.

  4. Right-click on the ABTriplePlay FOLDER and select Remove. [Uninstall screenshot 3]

  5. NinjaTrader will ask if you are sure you want to remove the FOLDER and will warn that all scripts within will be lost. This is what we want. Say Yes.

  6. NinjaTrader will recompile its scripts and, assuming no errors, you will get a success message.

  7. Review the NinjaScript Explorer panel and notice that 'ABTriplePlay' no longer appears in the 'Indicators' folder. You may close this window now.

  8. AB-TriplePlay is now uninstalled. I would recommend restarting NinjaTrader just to 'clean-up' entirely, but this is completely optional.

Using In NinjaTrader

You add the indicator to your chart like any other. In a chart window, right-click and select Indicators to open your indicators panel. Now look for a folder called ABTrading (in version 1.0 this folder is called ABTriplePlay) on the left side of the window. Double-click to open the folder and then double-click on the version of the indicator you have installed (you should only ever have one version). You can then customize any options you want and click 'OK' to add the indicator. You may change any options or remove the indicator at any time by opening your indicators panel again.

Tips & Ticks

  • You can select Display in Data Box in the Indicators Properties Grid if you want the price levels to show up in your Data Box. This is disabled by default.

  • ALL times you see and set in the properties grid are in your local timezone. Keep this in mind!

  • If you want an outline around your labels instead of an opaque/semi-opaque background box, simply set the Box opacity to zero. This will only draw an outline.

  • Remember that your lines will only appear starting at the Trade start time. If you don't see lines, scroll forward to the start time and you'll see them. I did this so you don't accidentally trade before the set time... if you don't see lines you won't be tempted :-)

  • PLEASE feel free to make suggestions for new features, changes to existing ones, report any bugs/issues or provide any feedback you'd like. You can email me using the links on this site or, if you are familiar with git, you can file an issue in the git repo.


Click on any of the options below to expand it and read a more detailed explanation of what the particular parameter does. This section will be updated with each new release version.


Trade start time

This is the time when you want to start trading the Triple Play strategy. By default, this is set to 5:30am Eastern Time. The time automatically adjusts to your local timezone. Lines will be drawn starting at this time and will not appear beforehand to avoid you taking a trade prior to the appropriate time.

Freeze high/low at time

This is the time when the current 'pre-market' high and low lines should stop adjusting and remain fixed for the rest of the session. By default, this is set to 9:30am Eastern Time. The time automatically adjusts to your local timezone.

Vertical start line

If checked, a vertical line will be drawn on your chart at the 'Trade start time' as a reminder of when you should start using the Triple Play strategy.

Start line

This is a drop-down allowing you to configure how the 'Vertical start line' is drawn. You can change the colour, opacity, line-style (solid, dashed, dotted, etc.) and thickness. This option only appears if 'Vertical start line' is checked.

price levels

Previous/Current session high/low

Each of these drop-downs allows you to customize the four lines that are drawn as part of the Triple Play strategy. You may customize them individually and set the colour, opacity, line-style (solid, dashed, dotted, etc.) and thickness.

level labels

Display level labels

This must be checked for labels to be drawn. If it is unchecked, all other label options will disappear and be disabled. Note that labels are not the same as price markers. Price markers are always rendered regardless of this setting. Price labels are small boxes with customizable text that are drawn above high levels and below low levels.

Label colour

This is the colour that will be used for label text. Make sure you pick something that will show up against your chart background and/or the label background!

Label font

This is the font that will be used for label text. You may customize the font-family, size and whether the text is bold and/or italicized.

Draw label box

By default, a box will be drawn behind your label text to help it stand-out against the chart background. The colour of the box background always matches the colour of the line it is associated with. If this box is un-checked, label text will be rendered without any background box.

Box opacity

This controls the opacity of the label box background. The background colour will always match the colour of the line to which it is associated. Note: If you set the opacity to 0, the box will become an outline with a colour matching the associated line. This option is only visible when 'Draw label box' is checked.

Previous/Pre-market high/low label

Here you may customize the text of the labels for each line. You can enter anything you want, but you probably want to keep this relatively short to avoid cluttering your chart. Whatever you type in these boxes will be displayed as label text including the exact spacing and case. This has not been extensively tested with symbols but they should, in theory, work just fine. I would recommend using 'unicode' symbols.

contact me

Want to stay updated on new releases? Have questions or found a bug? Want to submit a feature request? Feel free to email me by clicking the button below. I'll be happy to answer any questions you have, help you get the indicator set-up, or let you know about incorporating your suggestion(s) into future versions. If you know how to program for NinjaTrader or in C#/.NET in general and want to contribute, email me using the button below or file an issue or pull request in the git repo (preferred).

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