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PowerX Meets NinjaTrader

latest release

Version 2.6.2

BUGFIX release

  • BUGFIX: Fixed RSI calculation error
  • BUGFIX: Fix exception if account was set to a non-existent entry or, in edge cases, to a null entry (thanks Chris!)
  • Minor code updates, removal of redundant qualifiers and NinjaScriptProperty tags
  • BREAKING CHANGE: The default risk management mode has been changed from "Percentage of account" to "Fixed contracts"

PLEASE update as soon as possible to this version. The resolved RSI bug should improve the accuracy of this indicator.


SHA-256 checksum: 2ea95b1b3a8cd41cfefcb3249e996ed026ab0d0844dae6371dcf2cd36b38a878

Please note: By downloading any software release(s) on this page, you are implicitly agreeing to our software licence agreement.

previous releases

Version 2.6.1

BUGFIX release

  • dynamic properties now updating correctly in the indicator properties box

Version 2.6 had an issue where selecting certain properties failed to update the properties box to hide/display related properties. This is due to the namespace change and has been resolved in this release.


SHA-256 checksum: 2804e71f02bd0a2789cbb9f5137c83a0eed6629dab59cc8d5e82d602d6b959e1

Version 2.6

maintenance release

  • change namespace so indicator appears under the shared ABTrading folder instead of its own ABPowerX folder
  • update license to reference new domain
  • use AB-Trading Solutions shared single-license
  • clean-up code and align with naming conventions

No functional difference versus Version 2.5 If you are running version 2.5, there is no need to update. If you are running an earlier version or are upgrading from an earlier version, please use this version.

Please use v2.6.1 instead of this release!


SHA-256 checksum: 5d194fcb7422ff4e715de0d382680db7c7ea146fce5e013c1b133ce98f038a18

Version 2.5

realtime updating

  • calculations are done 'on price change' so that markers display in realtime
  • fix: old levels reappearing in 'most recent only' drawing mode
  • fix: trigger levels treated as stops as opposed to limits
  • performance: remove previously required delays for bar counting
  • performance: remove calculation delay waiting for 'min bars'
  • updated code formatting
  • reference online license location in description

BREAKING CHANGE: This indicator is now calculated 'on price change' (enforced). It very likely will not work in any other mode including the previous default of 'on bar close'. Please check and update your templates! This was necessary to facilitate the upcoming strategy integrations planned for version 3.0 to allow for automated testing and execution.


SHA-256 checksum: a42fef3cab782f2cf728176d9626359c48a09d6444198256b76093629fe2bb9f

Version 2.1

user requests

  • option to include commissions in position sizing and risk calculations (checkbox in parameters grid)
  • option to trade a fixed number of contracts instead of only based on risk vs. account balance
  • allow signals without a neutral bar beforehand (i.e. directly switch from long to short signal and vice-versa)
  • even more code documentation for those following along with development!

Sorry for not getting to these requests sooner! Please please please keep making suggestions :-)

I recommend recreating or at least reviewing any templates you saved using previous versions. Some options have changed and a few have been added. Failing to recreate templates will not cause instability like with the upgrade to Version 2.0.


SHA-256 checksum: d9dd1b96ec4cfdb4527ad18ad4d843713ad72c7c6312c63ec12cfb1a7cef91f1

Version 2.0

code-cleanup and DLL distribution

  • add detail to target labels so they match the risk labels
  • remove straggling calls to NinjaTrader Draw class
  • move all indicators to custom class
  • labels and line-vectors in their own classes

The major practical change in this release is matching the target labels to the risk labels so they display comparable information. For those using this as a coding resource or following along with the development from a mainly programming perspective, moving everything into discreet classes falls inline with best-practices and makes future modifications * much* easier.

Starting with this version all distribution will be in the form of a DLL and not readable source-code. Source-code is of course still available and always will be. Links are in the menu bar and via the git-repo. DLLs allow for easier updating and code protection from accidental changes within NinjaTrader. Installation instructions on the main page have been updated accordingly.

You MUST recreate any custom templates (including your 'default' template) after updating to this version! Failing to do so may result in NinjaTrader instability. Sorry for any inconvenience.


SHA-256 checksum: cdb1ba8433f6fba2ca6909926b9267021b7b134c983c96f465ae36ebf5650677

Version 1.0

official first release!

  • all graphical elements rewritten to use SharpDX GPU rendering -- ~4x faster!
  • labels reworked for even better appearance and more clarity
  • even more customization options for labels, including fonts
  • feedback and suggestions always welcome!

SHA-256 checksum: cbe582717972d48615b2f8a8588e740e5b2756f96c33bb159e9eba032077d960

Version 0.7

initial indicator release

  • 'point-release' but fully functional
  • public testing release, feedback is welcome!

SHA-256 checksum: 2739ed5986398f127bc92102a298b3b74f24f02eab9217202b5d54d116a94078

Please note: By downloading any software release(s) on this page, you are implicitly agreeing to our software licence agreement.

contact me

Want to stay updated on new releases? Have questions or found a bug? Want to submit a feature request? Feel free to email me by clicking the button below. I'll be happy to answer any questions you have, help you get the indicator set-up, or let you know about incorporating your suggestion(s) into future versions. If you know how to program for NinjaTrader or in C#/.NET in general and want to contribute, email me using the button below or file an issue or pull request in the git repo (preferred).

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