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Horizontal Price Levels

latest release

Version 3.0

Custom text labels

  • add separate custom text labels for the top and bottom of a zone
  • labels can be combined with price labels or used on their own

If you are using a previous version, you should recreate your templates since this version adds new parameters. Sorry for any inconvenience.


SHA-256 checksum: d4e3052f0955a36c498aa3885ddda16209457dec5d78c0f04a41c9231b2df27b

previous releases

Version 2.2

Resynchronize with repo

  • bugfix from v2.1 recoded, simplified and incorporated into this release
  • repo source-code fully aligned with this release
  • license updated to reference AB-Trading license used by all other products
  • minor code refactoring

Please send any feature requests or let me know if you find any other bugs!


SHA-256 checksum: 3b357cf914a12b3b8a5742bc2d93c938fd1e234c78b5661facf4030db2fd7e95

Version 2.1


  • Fixes Exception Error in rare cases when drawing exactly when a new bar is printed and the chart shifts. Also addresses a situation if you click-and-drag instead of click-and-release.

Please note: Source-code for this release is not available, please use v2.2 instead.


SHA-256 checksum: 7df3d36835b7760972e246e4d65d7103624d46f645ff8f072a227853eba45a0c

Version 2.0.1

Labels and Alerts

  • Add optional customizable labels for zone high and low prices

  • Add all standard alerts including 'cross-above' and 'cross-below' for zone high and low values

  • Uses newer object style coding from Version 1.5 code-only release

Please send any other feature requests or let me know if you find any bugs!


SHA-256 checksum: 7df3d36835b7760972e246e4d65d7103624d46f645ff8f072a227853eba45a0c

Version 1.0

initial release

  • Distributed as a DLL for easy installation

  • Fully customizable colours, opacity and outlines

  • You can extend the lines perpetually into the future (hard-right-edge), choose how many bars to extend outward or have no extension at all

  • Alerts not activated in this version, will be in the next one!


SHA-256 checksum: 3ad5e83357e4b311fab0fe05bd23027cabce02310bbab55623be2035f6fa9325

contact me

Want to stay updated on new releases? Have questions or found a bug? Want to submit a feature request? Feel free to email me by clicking the button below. I'll be happy to answer any questions you have, help you get the indicator set-up, or let you know about incorporating your suggestion(s) into future versions. If you know how to program for NinjaTrader or in C#/.NET in general and want to contribute, email me using the button below or file an issue or pull request in the git repo (preferred).

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